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Thread:  Exercise, Body Orientation, Coordination, and Methods Through Rotational Movement.

Thread is a method for exercise, body orientation, coordination, and rotational movement. Made up of 72 postures in three domains: standing, footwork, and groundwork, Thread increases and strengthens the body's natural range-of-motion through rotational coordination.

Inside the book you will find pictures and clear directions for each posture. Potential benefits of the Thread method include: body awareness, balance, core strength, improved posture, pain relief, and an increase in overall power and explosiveness for athletes.

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“Thread is an amazing concept; it is a modality which helps exercise to be accessible to people of all abilities. Best of all, it can be practiced anywhere and does not require expensive equipment. The book is clearly written with helpful pictures. It has been extremely beneficial to me as I work on balance issues.” Joanne Dyer

​The audio CD is meant as a companion to the Thread 360 book, guiding the practitioner through the breathing sequence.

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Thread 360:  Mental Focus and Awareness Training Through Internal Coordination

Thread is a mental system that draws upon meditation. Thread 360 benefits your focus, stability, and responsiveness through daily practice. The principal goal of Thread 360 is clarity of mental process, so you can be closer to experiencing fulfillment in your life. Thread 360 can enrich your life in a number of ways.

Inside the book you will find diagrams and clear directions for each point. Potential benefits of Thread 360 include energetic flexibility, activated logic, focus enhancement, consciousness understanding, diaphragmatic independence, limitation understanding, and heightened body and mental awareness.

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“Thread 360 is a thoughtful program that provides a reference point for meditation to wear together the mind and the body. Used with Thread Movement, the structural components of the body will quickly align." Margaret Schroeder

Thread Social: Imagination and Intent

Thread Social is a system identifying the essential modes of communication between the self and others. By providing a basic framework for recognizing in-person social interactions, Thread Social classifies the potential channels and direction of expression in a given social situation. Thread Social’s aim, as in all of the Thread systems, is expressive freedom and understanding based on the perspective of “Do No Harm”.

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