​​​​​Zach Segal provides full body workouts with varied exercises, stretches, movement patterns, games, drills, weight loads, and tempos  (similar to circuit style training). Use of equipment is supplementary and complementary. The session is modified to your needs. Clients often leave a session feeling activated, satisfied and rejuvenated.

Zach encourages maximum effort through sensible, direct, and sharp cueing of exercises. Flow is promoted by providing varied exercises in tempo. Focus is stimulated by through presenting movements and exercises that have increased levels of refinement. Zach believes attaining fitness is an art based on science. To partner with someone in that journey can be very gratifying. At Thread Movement, you will find a willing informed and caring partner to help you achieve your fitness goals.

"Zach Segal is not only a good trainer, but a good teacher. He explains the purpose of the exercises, sets short term goals and uses positive reinforcement as motivation. I look forward to each session."  -Marciene  S. Mattleman

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