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​​​​What people are saying about Thread?

“I’m addicted! Since working with Zach using the Thread Method I’ve noticed improvements in my balance, focus, and overall body awareness. The poses are extremely challenging and I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I master a particular sequence.” Jennifer Dally, PhD

"I have been training with Zach for several months and find that his Thread technique has significantly decreased the joint pain I have felt over the years particularly in my knees. I can now run longer without pain and have increased mobility in my joints. Being stronger with much improved endurance has allowed me to complete my first 50 mile trail race this year! Zach’s exercises and training have become part of my weekly regime." -Vanessa Bowman

"I really enjoy training with Zach. He carefully listens to my goals and brings a thoughtful, creative intention to his training. Each session has the right amount variety to keep me challenged and interested. Zach’s cues are clear and his plan for each session is focused. I always leave the session feeling great and have experienced gains in my speed, agility, and strength. "-Phylinda Moore